What is Taylor Swift’s Vocal Range?

Taylor Swift has a vocal range between E3 and F#5

taylor swift vocal range


 say her range is a lil’ bit wider, from D3 to G5.

Vocal Type: Light-Lyric Soprano (2 Octaves, 3 notes)

Taylor Swift’s timbre is very pleasant and bright and she wouldn’t have probably been that successful if it weren’t so. She can also hold a note for a long while (15 Seconds maximum).

She does not have a wide range at all, as you can see from the vocal range comparison above (Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera have vocal ranges that are more than double compared to Taylor’s), but she uses it great. When she sings country songs and acoustic, she has a softer voice, when she gets more into pop music, her voice becomes more powerful.

She feels very comfortable in the dark lower registry (C3-G3), but she becomes more feminine when going towards high notes.

The mid notes are more provocative for Taylor Swift (A4-D5), as her voice becomes a little shouted and may become nasal.

The high notes (Eb5-G5) – she is even more instable here, but she makes it somehow, with some effort.

She’s got a thin falsetto, but she uses it more and more and all in all, she’s the most successful singer in America. So who are we to judge her?

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  • Zend, what you say here is true, but in this case the two artists with the smallest vocal ranges are also artistically quite limited. Luke has a hard time going beyond his laundry list and his comfort zone of parties, Taylor has her own laundry list and the subjects of her songs are very predictable.

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