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Barry Jenkins
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: 19 November 1979


: Liberty City, Miami, Florida, USA


: 37 years old


: Scorpio


  • British musician, who is best known for being a drummer for The Animals during both of that 1960s group's incarnations
Real name:Colin Ernest Jenkins
When was Barry Jenkins born?19 November 1979
How old is Barry Jenkins in 2017? 37 years
Where was Barry Jenkins born?Liberty City, Miami, Florida, USA
Residence:Los Angeles, US
Zodiac sign:Scorpio
Sexual orientation:Straight
Hair color:Black
Eyes color:Black

Who is Barry Jenkins? / Facts

  • Jenkins replaced Roger Groome as the drummer for the British R&B based group The Nashville Teens in 1963
  • In 1964 the group had its first big hit record with "Tobacco Road"
  • Jenkins also was present on their other top ten hit "Google Eye", as well as their lesser hits "The Little Bird", "The Hard Way", and "Find My Way Back Home"
  • In March 1966, the original drummer John Steel left the band The Animals after the release of their hit single "Inside-Looking Out"
  • Jenkins joined the band for the albums Animalism and Animalization, and for the hit singles "Don't Bring Me Down" and "See See Rider"
  • Jenkins’s predecessor Roger Groome rejoined The Nashville Teens as their drummer
  • The first incarnation of The Animals was dissolved in September 1966
  • Animals lead singer Eric Burdon then formed "Eric Burdon & The (New) Animals", with Jenkins as the only other holdover from the previous line-up
  • Along with studio musicians, the two recorded the album, Eric Is Here featuring "Help Me Girl" (also released as a single and a minor hit in both the UK and the US)
  • In mid October 1966, a real new group formed under this title, again with Jenkins as drummer, which became a practitioner of psychedelic rock
  • It released a series of albums and hit singles, the latter including "When I Was Young", "San Franciscan Nights", "Monterey", "Ring Of Fire", "Good Times", and "Sky Pilot"
  • This second incarnation of The Animals disbanded by 1969
  • In 1971, Jenkins played on the B.B. Blunder album, Workers Playtime, along with Brian Auger
  • After the breakup of the Animals, Jenkins played on an album produced by L.A.W. (Leon "Buddy" Walters), Earth Light Music 1975 BMI, called A Letter Home
  • Jenkins now manages a very small guitar shop in Ramsgate, England

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  • Florida State University

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Barry Jenkins is placed 42379th on Social Media Rank
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