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Cecil B. DeMille
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Cecil B. DeMille


: 12 August 1881


: Leo


: 21 January 1959


: 77 years


  • Cecil Blount DeMille was an American filmmaker
When was Cecil B. DeMille born?12 August 1881
When did Cecil B. DeMille die? / Died21 January 1959
How many years did Cecil B. DeMille live? / Lived77 years
Zodiac sign:Leo

Cecil B. DeMille facts

  • Between 1913 and 1956, he made seventy features, both silent and sound films
  • He is acknowledged as a founding father of the Hollywood film industry, and the most commercially successful producer-director in cinema history
  • His films were distinguished by their epic scale and by his cinematic showmanship
  • He made silent films of every genre: social dramas, comedies, Westerns, farces, morality plays, and historical pageants
  • DeMille began his career as a stage actor in 1900
  • He later moved to writing and directing stage productions, some with Jesse Lasky, who was then a vaudeville producer
  • DeMille's first film, The Squaw Man (1914), was also the first feature film shot in Hollywood
  • Its interracial love story made it a phenomenal hit and it "put Hollywood on the map
  • " The continued success of his productions led to the founding of Paramount Pictures with Lasky and Adolph Zukor
  • His first biblical epic, The Ten Commandments (1923), was both a critical and financial success; it held the Paramount revenue record for twenty-five years

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