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Dancer, Model


: 27 April 1998


: Miami, Florida, USA


: 19 years old


: Taurus


  • 18 year-old American dancer, model, actor and host, best known for her show, The Drop. She got a bit popularity boost by appearing on The Ellen Show and was featured in the Google Android Wear commercial.
  • Dytto, who's real name is Courtney Nicole Kelly, is also a YouTuber with over 670k subscribers and 35m views and has over 1m followers on her iam_dytto Instagram account as well. Dytto's Snapchat is iam_dytto
Real name:Courtney Nicole Kelly


How tall is Dytto?165 cm / 5 ft 5 in
Weight 51 kg / 112 lbs
When was Dytto born?27 April 1998
How old is Dytto in 2017? 19 years
Where was Dytto born?Miami, Florida, USA
Residence:Los Angeles, California, USA
Nicknames:The Barbie Girl
Zodiac sign:Taurus
Ethnicity:Caucasian - Half Italian, half Irish
Hair color:Light brown
Eyes color:Blue

Who is Dytto? / Facts

  • Start - Dance has always been a passion but the first steps Dytto took, had been towards gymnastics, enrolling at just 2 years of age. When she got a bit older she turned to cheerleading for about 2 years. These activities definitely helped her developing her unique style later on. She decided to go to a studio and learn how to dance, at 12. Her mom used to drive her there, after school, a 1 hours long journey.
  • Style - Dytto is trained in choreography and enjoys mostly popping, freestyle, tutting, animation, robotting, finger tutting and even tap.
  • World of Dance - She performed at the World of Dance competition, an international urban dance challenge attracting more than 100k dancers in over 25 countries. One of her most searched for videos is her Los Angeles performance in 2015 alongside Nonstop and Poppin' John. You can watch Dytto dance below:
  • Tutting - Best know for her tutting moves, she definitely draw some attention to this area. This branch of hip hop with its name derived from King Tutankhamun, dates back from the 80s and is inspired by the Egyptian art and hieroglyphics. Dytto is known for combining it with popping animation, a stop-and-go technique that mimic robotics.
  • Youtube - With over 670k and 35m views, she recommends people to start with self taught practice at home until they find someone to take them under their wings. She feels that now there are a lot of resources on the web, especially YouTube that can help somebody with their initial steps. Practice, practice, practice! She used to post tutorials herself, but decided to cancel that as she did not have time to cover everything viewers demanded.
  • Personal goals - One day to be on the cover of Vogue and to have her own Barbie doll. Until then she just loves dancing and hopes she can go on with this.
  • Siblings - Has an older brother, Brandon, pilot.
  • Trivia - Dytto loves rice and if it wasn't for dancing, she would persue her passion in...... Chemistry. She also plays electric guitar and saxophone.
  • Great exposure - Missy Elliott follows her on Twitter. She also started crying when she saw that. Steve Aoki also commented on her videos.
  • Love/hate - She is a true Star Wars fan, and owns a lot of stuff related to it. She hates fish, she has a small phobia there, and she is a very bad swimmer. Pink is her favorite color
  • Dytto and Fik Shun - They have several videos, dancing together


  • "I've previously trained in almost everything ranging from choreography, contemporary, and tap, to hip-hop, breakdancing, popping, and tutting."
  • "I guess I would consider myself a popper."
  • "When I started of dancing I was a former cheerleader and it was kind of a weird transition."
  • "I was such a dork in school, got straight A's, got my homework done."
  • "As long as you have a passion for it, nothing can stop you."
  • "Everytime I dance I get to know myself more. I get to figure out who I am. I think that is why it inspires me so much. It inspires me to be a better person."
  • "I just want to keep doing what I do."
  • "The hardest thing about dancing is to believe in youself. If you don't trust yourself, it's going to show."

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Udit jais
21 Apr 2017

Nice. .
You are very beautiful
I am big fan of you

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