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HolaSoyGerman / Germán Garmendia
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HolaSoyGerman / Germn Garmendia


: 25 May 1990


: Tierra Amarilla, Chile


: 26 years old


: Gemini


  • 30 million subscribers first class Youtuber, comedian, musician, singer, and writer
Real name:Germán Alejandro Garmendia Aranis


How tall is HolaSoyGerman / Germán Garmendia?183 cm / 6 ft 1 in
When was HolaSoyGerman / Germán Garmendia born?25 May 1990
How old is HolaSoyGerman / Germán Garmendia in 2017? 26 years
Where was HolaSoyGerman / Germán Garmendia born?Tierra Amarilla, Chile
Zodiac sign:Gemini

Who is HolaSoyGerman / Germán Garmendia? / Facts

  • Besides HolaSoyGerman, he has a second channel called JuegaGerman, the latter having 16 million subscribers
  • He made songs with his band
  • He wrote a book called "#Chupaelperro"
  • His channels are currently the 2nd and 19th by number of subscribers, totalizing 46 million at the end of 2016
  • The first YouTuber that got 2 Diamond Play Buttons, as he made more than 10 million subscribers on his channels
  • He voiced the character Julian from Ice Age: Collision Course, Spanish version
  • His first Youtube upload was on 2011
  • Awards - He won "Icon of the Year" from MTV Millennial Awards in 2014

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