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Hunter McGrady
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Hunter McGrady


: 04 May 1993


: Westlake Village, California, USA


: 24 years old


: Taurus


  • Hunter McGrady is an American plus-size model and healthy body image activist. She was titled Sports Illustrated's "curviest model ever" and is also competing in the SI Swimsuit magazine contest to get enrolled in the 2018 rookie class.
  • Currently signed with Wilhelmina Models.
  • Get to know her better, below.


How tall is Hunter McGrady?180 cm / 5 ft 11 in
Weight 108 kg / 238 lbs
When was Hunter McGrady born?04 May 1993
How old is Hunter McGrady in 2017? 24 years
Where was Hunter McGrady born?Westlake Village, California, USA
Residence:Los Angeles, California, USA
Zodiac sign:Taurus
Sexual orientation:Straight
Hair color:Brown, dyed blonde
Eyes color:Hazel

Who is Hunter McGrady? / Facts

  • Rise to fame - Hunter McGrady was named the "curviest model ever" to appear in this magazine. She got the news while wrapping Christmas gifts and turned out to be one of her most important moments in her career so far. Joanne Gair helped her with the photo shoot, by body painting a swimsuit on her nude body, outlining her curves perfectly. It took over 12 hours to paint on the swimsuit. She also appeared in Vogue and many other beauty magazines.
  • How it started - Modelling runs into the family blood, with Hunter's mom, aunt and grandmother being models themselves. McGrady started modeling at the age of 16, trying to fit into fashion industry's standards. Although being 180cm/5'11'' tall and weighing just 52kg/115lbs, very skinny for her height, it was hard to find opportunities to model due to her big hips. So at 19 she decided to become a plus-size model, a term she prefers to avoid as she consideres it promotes segregation.
  • Model work - Signed to Wilhelmina Models Curve Division Los Angeles and New York, Hunter McGrady modeled for Forever 21, Bare Necessities, Nordstrom and Torrid.
  • Activism - With over 240k followers on her Instagram account and very active on Snapchat, she doesn't miss any opportunity to talk about how beauty is perceived, pointing out that acne, cellulite and stretch marks aren't flaws but rather that everybody has them and the "glorified version" of what appears in magazine should not be the standard. She was bullied in high school for being oversized.
  • Charity - Other than being such an inspiration through her messages on Instagram, she also supports "1 Heart 1 Mission", helping out children in Haiti with food, education, clean water and clothes.
  • Boyfriend - Hunter McGrady's boyfriend sometimes appears on her Instagram snapshots such as . They met on Snapchat and have been together since 2016.
  • Hunter McGrady sizes - Bust 45", Waist 38", Hips 52", Shoes 10

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  • "One thing I want to remind you guys is that You are never going to make everyone happy. People will always want to change something about you which is so mortifying that anyone thinks they have a say about your body!"
  • "For anyone who has anything negative to say about a woman or mans body of any size--you are about to get extremely riled up because this movement is here to stay. I'll make sure of it. We're in sports illustrated ladies!"
  • "You are beautiful in your skin. You are beautiful beacause of your size at every size!"
  • "It’s so important to not compare yourself. You don’t need anybody to look up to you besides yourself."
  • "Beauty is not a size and I’m really happy that the industry is accepting body diversity."
  • " I use my Instagram a lot to promote body diversity because it’s a building platform and it’s continuing to grow. And just even posting on there unphotoshopped photos, photos of me where my cellulite is showing, where my stretch marks are showing, where I have rolls. And I think women, and girls, and teenagers see that and can relate and feel comfortable in their body to know I’m putting myself out there saying ‘I have these things too.' ”
  • "People lean on media, and that’s not a good way to live your life."

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