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Jaylene Cook
Wiki, Height, Age and Bio


Jaylene Cook


: 20 July 1991


: Hamilton, New Zealand


: 25 years old


: Cancer


  • Jaylene Cook is a Playboy model from New Zealand, who rose to fame after posing naked atop Mount Tarnaki, a sacred burial place in her home country, often perceived as an ancestor itself by locals.
  • She shares her photos on Instagram , where she attracted around 400k followers.
  • Currently lives in Australia with her partner, Josh Shaw, a travel and media photographer.
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How tall is Jaylene Cook?163 cm / 5 ft 5 in
Weight 49 kg / 108 lbs
When was Jaylene Cook born?20 July 1991
How old is Jaylene Cook in 2017? 25 years
Where was Jaylene Cook born?Hamilton, New Zealand
Residence:Gold Coast, Australia
Zodiac sign:Cancer
Nationality:New Zealander
Hair color:Brown
Eyes color:Brown

Who is Jaylene Cook? / Facts

  • Rise to fame - Jaylene attracted the media's attention after posing naked on top of Mount Tarnaki, a sacred burial place in her home country. This caused a great deal of criticism but also skyrocketed her popularity. After this she reached nearly 400k followers on her Instagram account,
  • Before fame - She was Miss January 2017 Playmate for Mexico. She also appeared in Universe 137, FHM and Peeled Magazine
  • Tribute - She climbed Mount Tarnaki as a tribute to her cousin's death, Arthur Hamilton Ambury, who lost his life trying to save another climber that slipped on the ice while trying to reach the top. She mentioned "It gave me an overwhelming sense of achievement, being able to complete the journey that he was never able to finish.. "
  • Jaylene's boyfriend - Her partner is Josh Shaw, a travel and media photographer. He displays his work on his Instagram account as well as on his and YouTube channel as .
  • Her measures are:
    • Bust: 80 cm (31,5")
    • Waist: 60 cm (23,5")
    • Hips: 80 cm (31,5")
  • In her own words - Kiwi plane hopper, adventure chaser and Playboy playmate.

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  • I proved just how far I could push myself and I am truly proud of my accomplishment. This mountain was steep, rugged, ever changing and just pure brutal! Safe to say, I will never do it again
  • If used correctly, social media can be used as a massive tool.
  • It's amazing what you can accomplish with the encouragement and support of your partner.
  • Into the ocean I go - to lose my mind and find my soul!

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04 May 2017

Wow! She's damn hot! Saints from the Saint Mountain like her too :) no offence then

04 May 2017

Kind of an airhead and her boyfriend indicates extremely bad taste. That said, she is clearly the single most beautiful woman I have ever seen. "Hot" is close to disparaging. She's an incredible natural beauty, like that mountain.; as close to a work of art as you will ever encounter with a human being.

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