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Katy Perry
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Katy Perry


: 25 October 1984


: Santa Barbara, California, United States


: 32 years old


: Scorpio


  • American musician
Real name:Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson


How tall is Katy Perry?173 cm / 5 ft 9 in
Weight 61 kg / 134 lbs
When was Katy Perry born?25 October 1984
How old is Katy Perry in 2017? 32 years
Where was Katy Perry born?Santa Barbara, California, United States
Nicknames:Katy Hudson, Katheryn Elizabeth Brand, Pickle, KP, Katy Bird, KatyCat, K-Pez, Chuckie, Pussycat, Katy Brand, The Queen of Cool
Zodiac sign:Scorpio

Net worth

How much does Katy Perry worth?$125,000,000

Ethnicity:English, German, Irish and Portuguese ancestors
Sexual orientation:Straight
Hair color:Natural blonde, but she dyes it black. She also wears wigs to avoid paparazzi
Eyes color:blue

Who is Katy Perry? / Facts

  • Katy Perry sang in churches between 9 and 17.
  • Her parents did not allow her to watch TV when she was a kid
  • Her name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, but she picked as scene name "Katy Perry", not to be confused with the actress Kate Hudson
  • Perry is her mother’s maiden name
  • She was influenced by Freddy Mercury and Alanis Morrissette
  • On her album called “Teenage Dream” she had 5 No. 1 singles - the most on an album ever, just like Michael Jackson’s “Bad”
  • She is huge on social media, as you can see from the stats on this page
  • She is a gay activist
  • She was married to Russell Brand
  • She has 4 tattoos: ‘Jesus’ on her left wrist, “Go with the Flow” on her left arm (in Sanskrit), a strawberry tattooed on the left foot, a peppermint and on her right foot


  • Dos Pueblos High School, Goleta, California, only 1 year, as he left it for singing and entertaining us


  • People talk about bullying, but you can be your own bully in some ways. You can be the person who is standing in the way of your success, and that was the case for me.
  • I like to go out there looking like a strong woman, because I am strong. But I am also a woman who goes through all kinds of problems and highs and lows.
  • I'm a good girl because I really believe in love, integrity, and respect.
  • I fall in love every time. And I don't really fall in love a lot, but when I do, I fall hard.
  • I see everything through a spiritual lens.
  • I'll continue to try and balance like a circus act. And I will just fight to always tell the truth. Even if it's difficult.
  • I'm either going to go completely mental, completely bankrupt, or have the best success of my life.
  • I never want to be just one thing - I want to be multidimensional

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Katy Perry is present in Top Youtube videos with 4 videos: Roar (10th place), Dark Horse (15th place), Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) (60th place), Firework (61th place)

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