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Kurt Hugo Schneider
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Kurt Hugo Schneider


: 07 September 1988


: Baltimore, Maryland, United States


: 28 years old


: Virgo


  • American video editor, producer, musician, singer and songwriter


How tall is Kurt Hugo Schneider?170 cm / 5 ft 7 in
When was Kurt Hugo Schneider born?07 September 1988
How old is Kurt Hugo Schneider in 2017? 28 years
Where was Kurt Hugo Schneider born?Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Residence:Los Angeles, California, United States
Zodiac sign:Virgo

Net worth

How much does Kurt Hugo Schneider worth?$2,000,000

Sexual orientation:Straight
Hair color:Brown
Eyes color:Brown

Who is Kurt Hugo Schneider? / Facts

  • He produces music videos for various YouTube musicians, such as Sam Tsui, including the musical medley videos in which Tsui sings as a one-man choir, and Avicii's "Waiting For Love". He started producing Youtube videos in 2007
  • Cover songs - He makes awesome covers, too
  • Huge stats - Over 8 million subscribers love him and his band of musicians
  • Recognition - He appreared on The Ellen Show and on Oprah
  • His sister loves music too, she is a piano player
  • Collaborations - Jason Mraz, Victoria Justice, Macy Kate

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  • Yale University (2010)
  • Wissahickon High School

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