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Lisa Del Piero
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Lisa Del Piero


: 24 June 1996


: Germany


: 20 years old


: Cancer


  • 20 years of age German model (as of March 2017)
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Real name:Lisa Gelbrich


How tall is Lisa Del Piero?176 cm / 5 ft 10 in
When was Lisa Del Piero born?24 June 1996
How old is Lisa Del Piero in 2017? 20 years
Where was Lisa Del Piero born?Germany
Residence:Ilfeld-Wiegersdorf, Germany
Zodiac sign:Cancer
Ethnicity:Russian, Italian and Polish ancestry
Hair color:Dyed blonde
Eyes color:Blue / Green

Who is Lisa Del Piero? / Facts

  • Rise to fame - Lisa took part in Germany's Nex Topmodel in 2014 (ninth season)
  • Trivia - She used to be a very shy person. She loves ice-cold showers
  • Fitness enthusiast - She can't live without her workout sessions, and this can be easily seen on her Instagram account
  • Early life - She trained as a beautician before modeling
  • Stats - She has already 260k followers on her lisa__official Instagram account

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  • Petersberg school, Nordhause, Germany

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