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Martin Lawrence
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: 16 April 1965


: Frankfurt, Germany


: 52 years old


: Aries


Real name:Martin Fitzgerald Lawrence


How tall is Martin Lawrence?171 cm / 5 ft 8 in
Weight 68 kg / 150 lbs
When was Martin Lawrence born?16 April 1965
How old is Martin Lawrence in 2017? 52 years
Where was Martin Lawrence born?Frankfurt, Germany
Residence:Purcellville, Virginia, USA
Zodiac sign:Aries

Net worth

How much does Martin Lawrence worth?$110,000,000

Sexual orientation:Straight
Hair color:Black
Eyes color:Dark Brown

Who is Martin Lawrence? / Facts

  • Started as a boxer - Right after high-school he started boxing, but due to an eye injury he had to reconsider his career.
  • American Idol - Well not quite, but close. He took part in the Star Search competition back in the 80s. This helped his exposure a lot and got the attention of Columbia TriStar Television, leading to a role in the sitcom What's Happening Now! As critics put it "At a very young age, he was on a mission to make it as a comedian or nothing at all." Guess he did it.
  • Big family and difficult background - Came from a family of 6 children. When he was 8, his parents split, leaving his mother forced to take multiple jobs to be able to support her family.
  • Inspiration from the big boys - He was named after Martin Luther and J F Kennedy.
  • Fiery temper - He's known to have had several outbursts, the most serious one was to pull out a gun in the middle of an intersection in LA, screaming "They are trying to kill me!" He was also caught concealing a gun in the Phoenix Airport. And punching a guy in a nightclub. And... well, you get the picture.
  • Cheated death - And it seems that he was actually almost killed. He fell into a 3 day coma after running in extreme heat with a plastic suit and heavy clothing in preparation for his movie Big Momma's house. His heart nearly collapsed as his body reached 41.7 degrees.
  • Teddy bear on caffeine - That's how the New York Times described him.
  • Smart teachers - As Lawrence was not particularly fond of school, he did cause some troubles during his classes as he was more inclined to making people laugh than sit still. One of his teachers made a deal with him to stay still during the class and for the last 5 minutes, he could test his entertaining abilities. Martin fell for it and he was a real success, planting the seed in his mind that this is what he wanted to do.
  • Hard worker - He was so set on becoming a comedian that he started looking for opportunities just as he graduated from high school. First jobs were in Washington clubs while having a day job as a Kmart janitor.
  • Trademarks - The way he talks, sexual jokes, Jackie Chan karate moves, facial expression, roles he plays - either a cop or a thief, or both at the same time.


  • Thomas G. Pullen School of Creative and Performing Arts
  • Fairmont Heights High School
  • Eleanor Roosevelt High School
  • Friendly High School


  • "Hopefully I’ll learn from my mistakes and have the opportunity to strengthen and improve the next thing I do."
  • "I would lie on the end of her bed, trying to make her laugh. I knew when I made my mother laugh, I had something."
  • "Me and my friends were smart enough to know we didn't want to go to jail—we didn't want to be behind somebody's bars. We had people who talked to us and helped us stay out of trouble by channeling our energy into sports and boxing, things that weren't destructive."
  • "I was always a hyper kid and could never stay still, I'd much rather be up in front of the class makin' them laugh, so it became practice for me."
  • "For me, this was all or nothing, I left no room for anything else. That goal was just for my own push—my own self-esteem. The fear of not being a success in my life made me push even harder."
  • "I went onstage with my wild street humor and needless to say, the audience just didn't get it, It was like a nightmare."
  • "No one is immune to the trials and tribulations of life."
  • "I don't really judge. To each his own. You like what you like."
  • "I just try to get along with people and show the love that I would like to be shown to me."
  • "I try to always step up to the plate, be professional, be good at what I'm doing and deliver on the character. In Hollywood, what more can you ask for. You want a consummate professional."
  • "If somebody pisses me off and I understand it ain't personal then I'll go to another place and I'll meditate."
  • "You make due with the time you have here. Hopefully when you pass on, somebody can look back and say, 'Wow, they made a difference in some kind of way.'"

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