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Meredith Mickelson
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Meredith Mickelson


: 01 July 1999


: Atlanta, Georgia, USA


: 17 years old


: Cancer


  • Meredith Mickelson, age 17, is an American model and social media star, currently signed with Next Model Management.
  • She's already worked with Calvin Klein, Maybelline and has appeared twice on the cover of Vogue. She was named the "next socialmodel".
  • Discover Meredith by reading her story, below.


How tall is Meredith Mickelson?177 cm / 5 ft 10 in
Weight 52 kg / 115 lbs
When was Meredith Mickelson born?01 July 1999
How old is Meredith Mickelson in 2017? 17 years
Where was Meredith Mickelson born?Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Residence:Los Angeles, California, USA
Zodiac sign:Cancer

Net worth

How much does Meredith Mickelson worth?$350,000

Sexual orientation:Straight
Hair color:Blonde
Eyes color:Green

Who is Meredith Mickelson? / Facts

  • How it all started - Meredith took her first steps towards modelling as a child, when she used to look through magazines and photograph herself mimicking the poses of the models. It became a dream for her so she made a note that she would become a model and put it beside her bed. This helped her stay focused. She was first scouted when she was 13, but wasn't ready yet. An year later she was approached again and decided to test the waters to see what kind of projects she could work on.
  • Sacrifices - Since she was still in school and most of her projects involved travelling or day time engagements, she opted for online courses, meaning that she would work during the day and study at night. It also meant that she would have less time for her friends and the inability to make plans for doing regular teenager stuff as jobs came sudden and unexpectedly.
  • Rewards - In 2016 she signed with Next Model Management and Freedom Los Angeles. Although still a teenager, you can already find on her resume works for Calvin Klein, Jonathan Simkhai and Maybelline and was featured twice on Vogue's cover. She hopes that one day she will be part of Victoria's Secret.
  • Life philosophy - Her life experience taught her that if she wants something she has to pursue it 100% even if others tell her that it will come in time. She says it's also important to surround yourself with people that have the same vision. Her main goal is to inspire others.
  • Instagram - With a growing popularity, Meredith has one of the hottest Instagram accounts. She already has over 1m followers and posts almost daily.
  • MickCheese - Together with Chase Carter, also an Instagram star and model, Meredith shares facts on their daily lives on their YouTube channel, to their 55k followers. They have more than 1.3m views. Meredith and Chase met over Instagram, as they were both huge fans of the other. Meredith commented on one of Chase's photos and soon she got a reply and decided to meet. The chemistry was instant and they realized they had a lot of stuff in common. They have been friends ever since.
  • Family- Her mother and father always got her the support she needed. At least one of them is travelling with her on her assignements. She also has an older brother, named Daniel who plays football and baseball.
  • Own app - She has her own app, bearing her name, available for both iOS and Android. It gives access to behind the scenes events and exclusive materials.
  • Relationships - Supposedly she dated Kian Lawley.
  • Trivia - Her heart is in Florida, where she spent her summers. She used to do body surfing, spending hours in the water. Now she does hot yoga and started boxing. She looks up to Candice Swanepoel. She tries to avoid wearing makeup as much as she can so that her skin can breathe. But she curls her eyelashes every day. When she has time she likes to catch up with friends and emerge in movie marathons.


  • Online courses


  • I grew up in the South, so my parents constantly reminded me to stay grounded, always ask about others, and listen.
  • As a person I am very determined and focused when I set my mind to do something.
  • A person’s actions are the truest measure of their character.
  • I keep a list on my phone of all of my goals, so I hope by the time I’m 26 I’ll be able to have checked all of them off.
  • I’ve been absolutely obsessed with becoming a model my entire life!

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