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Michael Kors
Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Birthday


Michael Kors


: 09 August 1959


: Long Island, New York, USA


: 57 years old


: Leo


  • New York City-based American sportswear fashion designer
Real name:Karl Anderson, Jr.


How tall is Michael Kors?178 cm / 5 ft 11 in
Weight 82 kg / 181 lbs
When was Michael Kors born?09 August 1959
How old is Michael Kors in 2017? 57 years
Where was Michael Kors born?Long Island, New York, USA
Residence:Greenwich Village, Lower Manhattan, New York City, USA
Zodiac sign:Leo

Net worth

How much does Michael Kors worth?$1,000,000,000

Ascendant: Aquarius
Sexual orientation:Gay
Hair color:Blonde
Eyes color:Blue

Who is Michael Kors? / Facts

  • Highclass tastes - Designed the dress in which Michelle Obama took her first official photo as First Lady.
  • Mommy's boy - In the best way, he credits all he knows about what women want to wear, to his mother.
  • Photogenic - Appeared in several commercials as a child so his mother envisioned an acting career for him. Some of the commercials include toilet paper and Lucky Charms cereals.
  • For her second wedding, his mother allowed him to design her wedding dress, although he was just 5 at that time.

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  • "When I was growing up, I heard every name called to me. . And you know what, you feel different. . You are different. Different will turn out to be a great thing for you. . . . If I was like everybody else, I couldn’t do what I do."
  • "I stay curious and I stay connected to my customer. I've always tried to understand how my customers live, so I can give them clothes and accessories that make them look and feel like their best selves while fitting easily into their busy lives."

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Michael Kors Social Media Accounts

Michael Kors is placed 430th on Social Media Rank
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