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Founding date

: 1987

Founding place

: Aberdeen, Washington


: 30 years ago


  • Nirvāṇa literally means "blown out", as in a candle
How old is Nirvana in 2017? 30 years
Where was Nirvana founded?Aberdeen, Washington

Nirvana facts

  • The term irvana" is most commonly associated with Buddhism, and represents its ultimate state of soteriological release and liberation from rebirths in samsara
  • In Indian religions, nirvana is synonymous with moksha and mukti
  • All Indian religions assert it to be a state of perfect quietude, freedom, highest happiness along with it being the liberation from samsara, the repeating cycle of birth, life and death
  • However, Buddhist and non-Buddhist traditions describe these terms for liberation differently
  • In the Buddhist context, nirvana refers to realization of non-self and emptiness, marking the end of rebirth by stilling the fires that keep the process of rebirth going
  • In Hindu philosophy, it is the union of or the realization of the identity of Atman with Brahman, depending on the Hindu tradition
  • In Jainism, it is also the soteriological goal, but unlike Buddhism - which does not accept the existence of a soul - it represents the release of a soul from karmic bondage and samsara

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