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Usain Bolt
Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Birthday


Usain Bolt


: 21 August 1986


: 30 years old


: Leo


  • Jamaican sprinter
Real name:Usain St. Leo Bolt


How tall is Usain Bolt?195 cm / 6 ft 5 in
Weight 95 kg / 209 lbs
When was Usain Bolt born?21 August 1986
How old is Usain Bolt in 2017? 30 years
Zodiac sign:Leo

Who is Usain Bolt? / Facts

  • He is the fastest human ever timed & the first man to hold both the 100 metres and 200 metres world records since fully automatic time became mandatory (Wikipedia)
  • He also holds the world record as a part of the 4 × 100 metres relay
  • He is the reigning World and Olympic champion in these three events
  • Due to his unprecedented dominance and achievements in the athletic field, he is widely considered the greatest sprinter of all time
  • A nine-time Olympic gold medallist, Bolt won the 100 m, 200 m and 4 × 100 m relay at three consecutive Olympic Games
  • He gained worldwide popularity for his double sprint victory at the 2008 Beijing Olympics in world record times
  • Bolt was the first to win consecutive Olympic 100 m and 200 m titles (2008 and 2012)
  • An eleven-time World Champion, he won consecutive World Championship 100 m, 200 m and 4 × 100 metres relay gold medals from 2009 to 2015, with the exception of a 100 m false start in 2011
  • He is the most successful athlete of the World Championships and was the first athlete to win three titles in both the 100 m and 200 m at the competition
  • Bolt improved upon his first 100 m world record of 9.69 with 9.58 seconds in 2009 – the biggest improvement since the start of electronic timing

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Usain Bolt Social Media Accounts

Usain Bolt is placed 426th on Social Media Rank
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