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Wiz Khalifa
Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Birthday


Wiz Khalifa


: 08 September 1987


: Minot, North Dakota, USA


: 29 years old


: Virgo


  • Rapper, songwriter, actor
Real name:Cameron Jibril Thomaz


How tall is Wiz Khalifa?193 cm / 6 ft 4 in
When was Wiz Khalifa born?08 September 1987
How old is Wiz Khalifa in 2017? 29 years
Where was Wiz Khalifa born?Minot, North Dakota, USA
Zodiac sign:Virgo

Net worth

How much does Wiz Khalifa worth?$45,000,000

Hair color:Black
Eyes color:Black

Who is Wiz Khalifa? / Facts

  • Even from an early age, he wanted to be full of tattoos
  • "Wiz" is not really his name - it comes from Wizdom
  • "Khalifa" in Arabic means successor
  • His parents did not punish him for consuming weed - and it helped a lot it seems. They were aware that Khalifa was OK when doing that

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  • I think wherever you go, when people hear good music, they will react to it.
  • I don't have problems with people, because if I do, I address it.
  • The most daring thing is to be yourself and to do exactly what you want to do at that point in time and not to be worried with what other people are doing or what's popular.
  • My dad has been a big influence on me, because he's always had his own business. He really taught me business sense and how to be a focused individual, but also how to have fun and make everyone around you have fun.
  • Brand names aren't important to me at all.
  • I've done a lot of work to get where I'm at, but I have to keep working.
  • I never want to confuse people or go over their heads.
  • Since I was younger I've been making the best out of nothing.

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Wiz Khalifa Social Media Accounts

Wiz Khalifa is placed 67th on Social Media Rank
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