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Xavier Cugat
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Xavier Cugat


: 01 January 1900


: Capricorn


: 27 October 1990


: 90 years


  • Xavier Cugat was a Spanish-American bandleader and native of Spain who spent his formative years in Havana, Cuba
When was Xavier Cugat born?01 January 1900
When did Xavier Cugat die? / Died27 October 1990
How many years did Xavier Cugat live? / Lived90 years
Zodiac sign:Capricorn

Xavier Cugat facts

  • A trained violinist and arranger, he was a leading figure in the spread of Latin music in United States popular music
  • He was also a cartoonist
  • In New York, he was the leader of the resident orchestra at the Waldorf-Astoria before and after World War II
  • The personal papers of Xavier Cugat are preserved in the Biblioteca de Catalunya

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