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Zlatan Ibrahimović
Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Birthday

Zlatan Ibrahimović


: 03 October 1981


: Malmö, Sweden


: 35 years old


: Libra


  • Swedish top football player


How tall is Zlatan Ibrahimović?195 cm / 6 ft 5 in
Weight 95 kg / 209 lbs
When was Zlatan Ibrahimović born?03 October 1981
How old is Zlatan Ibrahimović in 2017? 35 years
Where was Zlatan Ibrahimović born?Malmö, Sweden
Zodiac sign:Libra

Net worth

How much does Zlatan Ibrahimović worth?$114,000,000

Sexual orientation:Straight
Hair color:Brown
Eyes color:Brown

Who is Zlatan Ibrahimović? / Facts

  • Zlatan is footballer no. 7 in The World according to TheGuardian, after Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Luis Suarez, Robert Lewandowski and Thomas Muller
  • He is very well-known for his funny quotes
  • there was even created a twitter account called ‘Zlatan Facts’ (Chuck Norris of football):


Zlatan is well known for his brilliant quotes:

  • I Was Born Old And I Will Die Young
  • I’m Like A Fine Wine. The Older I Am, The Better I Get.
  • I can’t help but laugh at how perfect I am.
  • When Zlatan looks in the mirror nothing appears because “There can never be a second Zlatan”.
  • About playing for Paris Saint Germain: “the children of Paris should be giving me even more money for having the privilege of being in the same city as my incredible quality”
  • Zlatan about leaving Paris Saint-Germain: “I came like a king, left like a legend”
  • I do not need a trophy to tell myself that I am the best
  • Zlatan’s keyboard doesn’t have a Ctrl key because nothing controls Zlatan.
  • The man who created fire went next door to tell his friends and found Zlatan having a barbecue.
  • When we need to find something, we ask Google. When Google needs to find something, it asks Zlatan.
  • Zlatan about the gift be bought her for her birthday: “Nothing. She already has Zlatan.”
  • Zlatan about Sweden losing against Portugal at 2014 World Cup: “One thing is for sure, a World Cup without me is nothing to watch.”
  • Regarding Pep Guardiola’s treatment: “You bought a Ferrari but drove it like a Fiat.”
  • Zlatan about his age: “I’m like a fine wine. The older I am, the better I get.”
  • “I can’t help but laugh at how perfect I am.”
  • “We’re looking for an apartment. If we don’t find anything, then I’ll probably just buy the hotel.”
  • When Zlatan was asked why there are scratches on his face by a reporter: “You’ll have to ask your wife that one.”
  • “An injured Zlatan is a pretty serious thing for any team.”

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Zlatan Ibrahimović is placed 139th on Social Media Rank
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